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Discover how event-driven workflows can help you automate your password rotation process, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency.

Password Rotation Simplified: Why Event-Driven Workflows are the Key to Increasing Efficiency

Throughout the workday, most IT engineers spend 32% of their time on non-value-add activities. Administrative duties, such as meetings or operational tasks, take up meaningful time that IT engineers should spend on innovation, design, or development. What’s one task that requires too much of your time and effort? Let us guess… password rotation. 🤢 Be honest—you cringe every time you get pinged to change the passwords of your 100+ API integrations as each of the 30 or 60-day time period rolls around, right? We get it. Luckily, there’s a solution.

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Uncover the reasons IT engineers are adopting Knative and discover what this growing adoption means for the cloud native industry.

The Future of Knative and What it Means for the Cloud Native Community

According to CNCF, Knative is an industry favorite non-hosted, serverless platform with a 27% adoption rate. Are we surprised? Hardly. Even major corporations, including IBM, RedHat, VMware, and SAP, are implementing the software into their daily infrastructure management. Knative provides IT engineers with the ability to run serverless workloads on Kubernetes clusters. This accelerates the time to build and orchestrate containers with Kubernetes (K8s) and makes the entire process more efficient. Think about Knative as the hot sauce to cloud native — it just makes everything better! 😉

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