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The Role of DevOps Automation in Scaling Your Enterprise

It may (or may not) be a shock to you to learn that by 2026, the DevOps market is expected to exceed $20 billion. 😳

The role of DevOps has emerged as a crucial factor in achieving seamless software development and operations. DevOps (Development Operations) offers a collaborative approach that breaks down silos and fosters a culture of continuous integration.

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Direktiv + Knative = A Perfect Pair? [Comprehensive Guide]

Are you tired of manually managing and coordinating various tasks and processes within your organization?

Imagine a world where your systems and apps interact seamlessly with each other, triggering actions and responses in near real-time. All without the need for YOUR intervention. With an eventing provider (Knative Eventing) and an orchestration engine (Direktiv)—this is completely possible. ✅

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Direktiv vs. AWS Step Functions: What Platform is Best for You?

A workflow engine is like the conductor of an orchestra—ensuring all the tasks in your organization's symphony play together in harmony. 🎶 

These platforms give you the power to choreograph a series of automated steps and activities to achieve an endless stream of tasks—at scale. From business process management to IT operations, a workflow engine helps reduce errors, streamline tasks, and enhances overall visibility and control. 

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Direktiv FAQ: Your Questions Answered

With the recent announcement of the Direktiv Advisory Board and more engineers considering a move to Direktiv’s orchestration platform, new questions have been popping up on our radar that need addressing. 

While Direktiv is relatively simple to get started with, deciding if it’s the right move for you can take some consideration. We totally understand. 🤝

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Reducing technical debt.

How to Manage Technical Debt in 4 Steps

Engineers spend 33% of their time on average dealing with technical debt. 

Complete productivity loss. And it’s all due to developers spending excessive time on unnecessary system maintenance associated with technical debt. In order to get these numbers under control, you need to manage these issues upfront, instead of waiting to deal with them on the backend when the debt has been exposed.  

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Headache from Digital Transformation woe's.

5 Things That Can Seriously Screw Up Your Digital Transformation

Transformation can be a scary word, especially in the digital landscape. Change can be risky, but you know what’s riskier?

Complacency in today’s ever-changing technology landscape. With that said, digital transformation has been a huge buzzword in the industry as of late. There’s an obvious reason why that is. Digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have add-on—it’s a necessity

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Direktiv Announces Formation of Advisory Board

Direktiv Announces Formation of Advisory Board

As a leading company in the event-driven orchestration industry, we make it possible for engineers to leverage their microservices, containers, or code to build event-driven serverless workflows in a cloud native platform. And the future is promising, as we have a special statement from our CEO & Co-Founder, Wilhelm Wonigkeit

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Terraform & Ansible Automation: How One Direktiv Customer Achieved Effort Estimation Savings of 1.3 FTEs [Case Study]

Having your cloud orchestration tool at odds with your configuration management solution can be…problematic. 🙄 But you shouldn’t have to give either of them up just because they aren’t syncing the way they could. The potential is there, and that’s why you keep the hope alive, maybe making a few complaints (or snarky comments 😬) here and there.  

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Looking to start digital transformation for your business this year? Learn the biggest industry trends you need to know.

Digital Transformation: 8 Industry Trends all IT Developers Need to Know

By now, we’re sure you’ve noticed plenty of your peers and competitors using the term “digital transformation” nearly constantly. It makes sense—in today’s digital age, without prioritizing digital transformation, your organization will fall behind the competition quickly. But with so many ways to digitize your organization, how do you know which option is best suited for your business needs, especially when it comes to IT development? 

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