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How observability leads to a successful GitOps process

How Observability Leads to a Successful GitOps Process

According to a 2022 Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, nearly 84% of respondents adhered to GitOps principles at some level—and for good reason. 

GitOps has ushered in a paradigm shift for DevOps teams by breaking down silos in collaboration and allowing for more transparency between development and systems administration processes through a centralized platform known as Git.  

Adopting GitOps as a core methodology of your DevOps team (as you may already know) can drastically improve efficiencies and save a lot of headaches, but not without observability. ✋

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The 4 Hottest Cloud Native Trends for 2024

As you gear up for continued digital transformation heading into 2024, you should have a good grasp of the shifts happening within the cloud native landscape. 

According to Gartner, a whopping 95% of upcoming digital workloads will be deployed on cloud native platforms by 2025. Can you believe that back in 2021, it was just a mere 30%? Talk about a shift in cloud native momentum. 😎

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5 Steps to Avoiding Disastrous IT Downtime

IT downtime can have harsh consequences when it comes to customer inconvenience and lost revenue. But unfortunately, it happens from time to time. Just this year, Southwest Airlines had to ground about 1,800 flights. The cause? It was largely attributed to “outdated technology and dated infrastructure.” 

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